My background includes writing blog content, lifestyle articles, marketing copy, and even news reporting. 


Society 19

Society 19 is a lifestyle content hub for young women. Major topics include, college, health, travel, relationships and more. In December 2017, I became a regular contributor focusing on multiple topics and have also used this opportunity to promote my own content on my personal blog. 


The Blogista

My personal blog is a reflection of my overall understanding of web design principles, user experience, data driven content, as well as a showcase of my web content writing abilities. Strategic SEO implantation has contributed to the majority of traffic (83%) resulting from an organic search. Content topics are carefully selected and based on content data analysis.


Home Furnishings Association

The Home Furnishings Association (HFA) is the largest trade association representing home furnishings and bedding retailers in North America. Major membership benefits include government advocacy, education and financial programs that bring more value to business owners and their customer base. While working as the Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager at HFA, I created the opportunity to contribute to the official blog. After performing an analysis of most visited blog content, I discovered that topics pertaining to technology and digital marketing performed the best and resulted in a more narrow focus on this vertical in terms of content, social media sharing and even educational opportunity suggestions. 


The Pioneer at California State University, East Bay

While I was an undergraduate student at California State University, East Bay, I was eager to get more experience as a writer. Compelled to expand the writing aspect of my portfolio, I got in touch with the editorial team and I got my first assignment. This experience has definitely influenced my love for written content as a way to create something for others to interact with in a print or digital setting.