Digital Marketing

Get to know my work as a full-stack digital marketing specialist.


Social Media Account Growth + Audience Development

For the past year I’ve been improving brand visibility for a major B2B service by managing their website properties and social media accounts. I've been able to successfully grow their social media accounts and improve engagement with a strategic posting calendar, targeted content and hashtag use driven by data analysis of high performing content and social listening.

Major Milestones:

  • Increased Twitter following by 34%.
  • Increased Twitter engagement by 111%.
  • Doubled company webinar registration using social media.
  • Increased Facebook engagement by 57%.
  • Generated high quality leads with an all expenses paid trip contest marketed exclusively on social media.
  • Developed valuable customer personas using social media analytics and social listening that were used in major marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of my favorite ways to bring more visibility to online content is using SEO strategies. Combining my prowess as a writer, thorough research abilities, and analytical thinking, developing web content that ranks high is like a playground. Below are some of my high ranking keywords and the positions they are in. 

  1. "Home Furnishings Leadership Insitute", #1 Google  
  2. "Lorac Mod Goddess Review", #1 Google
  3. "Best Photo Editing Apps for Blogging and Social Media", #2 Google



Email Marketing

Email marketing and automation strategies are key in covering readership to clicks and sales. I have experience building emails, developing content, A/B testing, list management, and creating automated strategies in a B2B environment to make sure readers are always engaged and receiving communication that matters. 

Major Milestones:

  • Used A/B testing to determine best subject lines and content format are most effective for a B2B company that wanted to increase open rates and click rates.
  • Contributed to email on-boarding strategy for a B2B company looking to establish a digital on-boarding experience for new clients and members.
  • Improved sponsored email procedures and reporting to help grow and retain relationships with advertisers.

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